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Found in 1917, Chinese Institute of Engineers – USA (CIE-USA) is a non-profit professional organization of Chinese-American engineers, scientists and other professionals. The objectives of CIE-USA are to promote Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) in all communities across United States and provide recognitions to the APA professionals at the national level.


Currently, CIE-USA has 7 regional chapters in the US and they are as follows:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth (CIE-DFW)
  • Great New-York (CIE-(GNY)
  • New Mexico (CIE-NM)
  • Oversea Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association (CIE-OCEESA)
  • San Francisco Bay Area (CIE-SFB)
  • Seattle (CIE-SEA)
  • Southern California (CIE-SOCAL)


Regional chapters activities include the following:      

  • Technical and Science Seminars
  • Professional Career Development Seminars
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Asian American Youth Science, Engineering and Technical Scholarship awards
  • Asian American Youth MATH contests and Science Fun (there are over a thousand kids participated every year).


At the US national level, in conjunction with National E-week, CIE-USA hosts the renowned annual Asian American Engineering of the Year Award (AAEOY).  AAEOY creates a meaningful platform to recognize outstanding Asian American professionals in the areas of STEM and leaderships, and they are nominated from the corporations, academics, government and national renowned institutions.  Many of their achievements represent monumental breakthroughs in their respective fields and their impacts are global and everlasting.


At the international level, CIE co-hosts the bi-annual Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC). This event was first held in 1993 and organized in collaboration with the Chinese State Council of People’s Republic of China. The second co-hosted bi-annual event is the Modern Engineering and Technology Seminars (METS).  Founded in 1966 between the CIE-NY and CIE-ROC chapters, this event is in collaboration with Taiwan.


For more information about CIE-USA, please send your inquiry to mail@cie-usa.org.